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Marriage and Money – Protecting your Assets and Your Marriage

Studies show that the leading cause of stress in a marriage is money. Money is also one of the top ten reasons cited for divorce. Money is not often top of mind with couples when a budding romance is hot. Obviously the topic should be discussed and explored before marriage to avoid a money/marriage melt down. But how and what should a couple discuss on this topic to avoid escalation and division?


“Beliefs are not sacred. We inherit core beliefs from our parents and church early on. You have the power to experiment with new ‘Visionary Beliefs’ ”, Paul O’Brien   Have you noticed that when you present someone with facts that contradict their beliefs, they...

Against the odds with Victoria Trabosh

From Rwanda to Washington D.C. and a little heart attack and cancer in between. One woman’s resolve to have her voice heard against the odds. Victoria Trabosh is an executive coach, humanitarian, author and speaker.

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