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7 Insights for Living Your Best Life

Most of us keep having the same experiences in life. Same money problems. Same relationship issues. How many times have you thrown up your hands in exasperation and said: “Not again! This keeps happening to me!” According to Petra Nicoll, author of ‘Petra’s Ashes’ and...

In Over Your Head in Debt? Protect your Assets

Don’t have enough money to pay bills? Don’t know where to turn? Many of us are ashamed, and try to hide the fact that our income and living expenses don’t match up. So, we work on a cover-up plan. ‘I will just put this on a credit card, for now’. Sound familiar? This...

Marriage and Money – Protecting your Assets and Your Marriage

Studies show that the leading cause of stress in a marriage is money. Money is also one of the top ten reasons cited for divorce. Money is not often top of mind with couples when a budding romance is hot. Obviously the topic should be discussed and explored before marriage to avoid a money/marriage melt down. But how and what should a couple discuss on this topic to avoid escalation and division?

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