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On each show Diane and her guests explore areas of personal development, healthy living, life strategy tips, and inspiring stories.

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Inspired Conversations with Sarah Spoon

Learn to go from Social Media Rants to Running for Office-- from someone who won. Want to make a difference in your community? Watch Inspired Conversations with Sarah Spoon, Canby city council woman teaching how to get involved and make changes happen.

Thinking of a career move?

Thinking of a career move? If you want to get confused and conflicted, try googling it! Google will give you numerous pages of the top career choices, the top career opportunities, the jobs that pay over $50K a year, and the best degrees to go after. But, what you...

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Diane is committed to providing media content that inspires us to become our personal best and reach our optimum and full potential. She has made a commitment to live her life to the fullest, getting to what is real and important, and make each day the best possible version of a life worth living, and helping others along the way to do the same.

Diane is a columnist, a Life Transition Coach, an award wining Publicist.
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