Diane TV – Inspirational Conversations with Diane Dennis

Diane Dennis is committed to providing media content that inspires us to become our personal best and reach our optimum and full potential. Inspired Conversations was a spark that lit Diane’s imagination several years ago while working with a cancer support group. The conversations in that group by women who faced their mortality were Real, Honest, and Intimate. From that experience Diane made a commitment to live her life to the fullest, getting to what is real and important, and make each day the best possible version of a life worth living, and helping others along the way to do the same.

Inspired Conversations is meant to end the silent suffering by so many who feel alone in their pain, or don’t have the skills and strategies to live with purpose and intention. By tackling the common issues people face today, we come together to forge a community of connection.

Diane is a columnist, Radio producer and host, TV guest, host and producer, a Life Transition Coach, a PR and marketing consultant with a degree in Nursing and Communications.

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